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I am a retired Primary School Teacher, living in Stowmarket in Suffolk. I now write local history books and give talks to groups of all kinds and all ages across East Anglia.   I have spent a number of years gathering information on Suffolk social history. My particular passion is the newspapers of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and have produced a number of books drawing amusing items from old local papers.   I still have hundreds more good stories I intend to publish.

This web-site should enable you to explore the books and talks I have available, but also, to inform you as to what I am working on at the present time. 

My most recent book is 'Whistlecraft', the true story of a notorious family of poachers from Rickinghall in Suffolk. (see separate page.  This is one of four historical novels written about real local people from the past...  The other three are 'Lydia', 'Daniel Malden' and 'The Class of '63', a novel set around a charity school in Earl Stonham in 1763.

A number of my books are now out of print and three titles are reduced in price to just £5 for as long as I have copies to sell - The Class of '63, Daniel Malden & News from Essex

As I am no longer selling the collection of six volumes: 'Newspapers in Suffolk', they can now be enjoyed by anyone wishing to visit this website. The full text of all six books, complete with hundreds of wonderful old newpaper items from 1720 - 1914 can be found here on the 'Newspapers in Suffolk' page.  ‘Lucky is the name’ is also out of print, so the entire 93,000 words can also be read on this website, here Lucky is the Name

A large collection of historical gleanings is now complete and is published under the title: 'Frolic, fervour and fornication'.

In all likelihood, my next project will involve a return to travelling in Eastern England with my bus-pass.

Over the last little while, I have been working on two projects...
                ●  A new Bus Pass book exploring bus travel around the East of England
                ●  A follow-up to 'Lydia' telling the tale of her son John set around the mid-nineteenth century

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Frolic, Fervour and Fornication
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