Frolic, Fervour & Fornication - an alternative history of Suffolk

This is Suffolk the way you may not have imagined it. For a number of years, I have searched out tales of places, events, and above all, some very odd people, showing this county in ways you wouldn’t believe!

Here in these pages are wife-sellers, crooked bankers, rogue rectors, sportsman-naturalists, witches and wizards, spendthrifts and misers, respectable thieves and smugglers and, of course, a good few fornicators.

I started to collect the material for this book at least ten years ago; and still the book remains unfinished. Of course it does. There is almost no end to what I might have included within its pages. Here you will find a cornucopia of Suffolk tales and characters, most of whose existence can be verified by contemporary accounts; but occasionally they appear alongside more hazy stories where the truth is much harder to determine. All have played a part in Suffolk's colourful past.

Written and compiled by Pip Wright

342 pages with over 250 pictures in colour and black & white.

Published by Pawprint Publishing     ISBN 978-0-9564855-7-1  

No longer available for sale (out of print)

St Cross Chest

Jemmy chambers

Eye Brsige

The Cover for Frolic, Fervour and Fornication

East Indiaman 1819

Approaching Bungay

Angel Hill

Eye station



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